The World’s Fastest Crypto Wallet, Go9Tro, is Coming Soon!

Go9Tro Wallet, powered by g9tro Tokens, is another level of crypto wallet with high capabilities. The wallet will be the world’s first smart contract community wallet which has its own guidelines and security measures for users to decentralize user private keys, and never stored on users’ devices. It will never access user wallets, hold private keys, and ask for personal information. It is a highly secure mobile wallet application that stores all blockchain cryptos including EOS and Binance technologies. 

Initial Deployment of go9Tro
The initial deployment focus will be on the installation speed and ease of use of the go9tro Wallet. The wallet was created through a smart contract crowdfunding platform for its member community. There are only two to three major crypto wallets globally representing less than 12 Million downloads and installs. Hence, the market is mature enough for an improved risk-free, instant P2P payments, high transparency and anonymity, easy, free, as well as fast download and installation. The Go9Tro network is building revolutionary smartphone services (M-Commerce 4.0) which are based on blockchain technology, mobile devices, and decentralized key access data points. 

Go9Tro wallet unites smart contract community and enables them to store and trade crypto easily regardless of location and time zone. They can manage their assets in a responsive and easy-to-use interface as well as remain anonymous. Its smart contract community will be able to crowdfund projects through smartphones worldwide as a combined collective buying power to support a variety of non-profits and partnerships. 

The Value of Go9Tro
Go9Tro is very ambitious in liberalizing mobile users to the blockchain global decentralized economy. Go9Tro wallet provides the value of g9Tro tokens based on wallet distribution, media revenue profits, wireless mesh networks profits and other services. 

Apart from storing and trading cryptocurrencies in the app, Go9Tro provides Blockchain Academy training a wide range of educational resources. It comes in handy for newcomers who are starting to invest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects at their own pace on their smartphones. Go9Tro plans to bring knowledge such as wireless MESH technologies (decentralized wireless infrastructure) regionally to Africa, Asia, and South America. It positions itself to be a community-driven educational platform to increase the usage of all blockchain technologies to help the 3 billion non-banked people in the world which represents $380 billion outside the global economy today.

Go9Tro’s Scale-Up Plan
Go9Tro’s scale-up plan will be driven in three phases as follows: 

  1. Go9Tro community of 1 Million smart contract users will download and promote the wallet as the ultimate solution for storing cryptocurrencies. 
  2. Cryptocurrency press release on all major Blockchain publications. 
  3. Register g9Tro tokens on centralized exchanges like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko at the end of 2020 or early 2021. The market value and market cap of g9Tro tokens will be reflected based on the number of downloads.

Official Launch of Go9Tro
Go9Tro Tokens is now trading for $4.99. Go9Tro Wallet will be officially launched on 5th November 2020 and available for download on Android devices. Whereas the website ( will go live in November 2020. Stay tuned for more updates!