PNXBET – Bitcoin Casino Offering Lightning Fast Withdrawals and Deposits

20 November 2019, Carucao. The online gaming industry has grown tremendously, with statistics showing that the market currently worths more than 46 billion U.S. dollars, and anticipated to be valued at over 94 billion U.S. dollars in 2024. The digital currency world running on the blockchain network has revolutionized the way business is transacted and payments are made. Unfortunately, many sports lovers in Curacau and other parts of the world have not been able to particularly profit from their passion on the blockchain technology due to the relative difficulty in accessing good platforms. This is where PNXBET is looking to make a huge difference by providing a comprehensive platform for stakers and lovers of betting to enjoy and earn in a safe, secure and anonymous environment.

PNXBET is a Bitcoin casino where users can avail the useful facility of lightning fast withdrawals and deposits. It is one of the only fully licensed and legal bitcoin casinos out there and users can place sport-related books over here.

Sports especially soccer, NBA, NFL, MLB, etc have big fan followings and the betting game is really strong in them. It is not just about betting though as online books promote club associations and create real communities and fan followings.

PNXBET in addition to popular sports-related bets is also offering more than 5,000 casino games, live casino tables and a long list of small to big sporting events coverage and betting from around the world.

The lightning fast withdrawals and deposits are another useful feature being offered by the PNXBET platform. Normally, crypto users have to wait for complete confirmation on their respective networks before they can start betting on platforms. A typical bitcoin confirmation takes 30 minutes these days and thus, this slow transfer can be a mood turner for many gamblers. But, with lightning fast deposits and withdrawals, one can cash in and cash out at a fast pace. Even with 1 or two confirmations, the deposits can be made and users can immediately make use of their funds.

Popular live money games include poker, 777 slots, Baccarat and a live Casino. All of these games have blockchain technology in the background. The technology brings increased transparency in the betting process thus making it extremely impartial and fair for all users playing in the system. Normal online betting platforms do not have this new immutable trend for users.

The user-friendly interface of PNXBET’s platform as well as the fantastic odds offered to players has endeared online gamers to the platform.  It is also one of the few online betting platforms Bitcoin betting is becoming more and more popular around the world because they give users the option to get good odds without resorting to the usual low-balling betting channels.