The ultra-rich are investing in cannabis, gold and fixed income

The industry has seen a big boost since Canada legalized cannabis for recreational use. While marijuana use is illegal in the U.S. on a federal level, a number of states have legalized it for recreational and/or medical use. The stocks of Canadian pot companies like Tilray, which debuted on the Nasdaq last year, and Canopy Growth have since taken off — although not without a lot of wild swings.

The rich, though, are looking at more than just public equities when it comes to cannabis.

“Sometimes it’s owning the land that cannabis is grown on, sometimes it’s owning the real estate where there are factories, if you will, and sometimes it’s owning the companies and then of course there’s the public market,” Sonnenfeldt said.

Another place the wealthy is investing these days is gold. The precious metal has been in a long sump but prices are now hitting eight-month highs.

For one, there has been no new supply of gold in the last eight years, Sonnenfeldt noted. Then, there is the fact that investors need an alternative to the volatile stock market.

“Typically people first think of gold as an inflation hedge but over history it’s really been an instability hedge,” he said.